December 20, 2010

Not Playing the Game

I came lately across a very interesting quote from the famous  Irish playwright :"George Bernard Shaw". I enjoy his writings, his plays, his sarcasm and his unique sense of humor. This post  I sn't intended to talk about him, though I had a flicker of hesitation to delete what was on my mind to blog, and write about Shaw and his  achievements. Indeed, he is my idol in sarcasm and play writing. But I think i will keep a special post for him later.

Back to the subject, the quote was  : " The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time."

That was a really motivational quote for me to write in my blog further about my personal experiences, believes and thoughts. While some of my friends encourage me to detach my personal life from my blog, and others advised me to make it more professional i,e more about my career ( like those blogs that aim on marketing a service or a product). Frankly,  I told them I dont like their advise. I like my blog the way it is; delicate, with my thoughts, and my individualism in it. It is not being egoistic. It is being distinctive.

And from being distinctive, you can explore the world around you with non-conformance.  And thus, you can eventually write about this world. Shaw is right. His quote falls perfectly in the realm of what I want to reach by writing these posts in my blog.

“Not playing the game”, in the blogging aspect , is what may help me reach my ultimate goals.

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