April 1, 2012

Are you Label Literate?

I posted few minutes ago an article on twitter that talks about genetically modifying wheat to resist insects.( More from the Telegraph UK). Here is a snapshot of the discussion about how people percieve GMO:

It is true that this technology offers great solutions and here I quote from the article " "We don't believe there is an alternative, but we are providing a new way of controlling the pests that doesn't rely on toxic modes of action".
But are those scientists, that developed this technology, aware of the effect of genetic manipulation. I wont go into the endless debate of GMO's versus non GMO's. There are billion of articles that discuss it.( Read here : Non GMO project).
Setting aside my scientific arguments and background, I will merely discuss this as a normal being who wants to eat.  "Why eat something manipulated?  And why are GMO's banned in Europe if they are safe ? What's the matter of natural food? Our ancestors lived billion of years and nothing really happened. Why now? One has to be aware that there are no studies yet done on the effect of humans who have been consuming GMO's for a long term "

That's the continuation of the reply:

This brought me to the subject of food awareness and "label literacy" that I will be posting each month about.

We really don't have to be scientists.  We just need to act like aware consumers. Do you buy a car that wastes alot of oil? Or do you buy a shoe that makes you uncomfortable?
While buying food from your grocery, be aware of the food that will make your body more comfortable, more healthy and more energy efficient. Choice is the key.
And do you buy a fake gold bracelet?  Then why do you buy fake food, food that is an imitation from the natural form.
So, read your label. Check the manufacturer. Check the country of production.
Remember it is your health and your children's health that will be affected. 

Check this quick and easy guide that you should know about your food label.

Do you care more about the ingredients or calories?

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