April 20, 2012

Mommy Made: A factory that needs your votes

Food Security and Hunger is something I have always tackled in my blog. Stabilizing Food Prices and Misconceptions about the Hunger Crisis) . When it comes to achieving food security, food processing comes as the immediate solution.  And the best way is by building simple factories that can use the available resources in the area.
That's what students from the American University of Beirut are doing. The team have designed a full plan that will tackle almost all issues in an impoverished area.  How? By designing a food factory called
“Mommy Made”: and it needs your votes to win in the campaign ( Ripples of Happiness)
Photo from the FACEBOOK PAGE

  • HEALTHY MEALS It is a food manufacture that provides socially responsi
    ble production efforts yielding healthy meals for everyone. 
  • SELF SUFFICIENCY Mommy Made recruits, trains and employs mothers suffering from financial or physical challenges to transform them into self sufficient persons and have better lives for their families.
  • EDUCATION for FREE: In addition, since the manufacture will be located in the basement of St. Vincent de Paul School in Borj Hammoud-Nabaa, the employees children will be able to go the school for free, which will improve the lives of these families on the long term, and take them definitely out of poverty for better lives for their families. In addition, the employees children will be able to go to school for free, what will improve the lives of these families on the long term.
So you will see how it is just any voting campaign. It is for a good cause!

Ripples of Happiness" is an educational program that is jointly developed by the Coca-Cola Foundation and INJAZ Al-Arab with primary emphasis on social responsibility, entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and workplace readiness.

THE AUB STUDENT TEAM is supported by the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) and is composed of: 
Abdul Khalek Amal
Political Studies
Awada Sara
Business Administration
Batikhi Omar
Public Administration
Bu Jawdeh Samer
Mechanical Engineering
Chams Jana
Chehade Hind
El Jarrah Rana
El-Dana Reem
Business Administration
Hobeika Vanessa
Mechanical Engineering
Hussein Judy
Moussawi Rasha
Najem Yara
Environmental Health
Oumaya Redouane
Ramly Sami
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Salame Clara
Nutrition & Dietetics
Saliba Philippe
Chemical Engineering
Sarieddine Marwan
Civil Engineering
Sfeir Samer
Business Administration
Terro Maya
Zahreddine Rayane
Civil Engineering
Zakhia Erik
Mechanical Engineering

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