March 20, 2010

I am Coming Home

(picture of CAYUGA lake)
Maybe home as some people say is not just a place or a country.
For me, this holds true. I am a wanderer. I am a gipsy. I keep searching for my home.
This is only because I get detached easily from a place , only physical detachment perhaps but never mental or emotional because memories are engraved deeply in my brain, and securely protected from any memory disorders!
If I liked a place , I will make it my home. Even if I have never visited it.Maybe just in my dreams or thoughts.
For many, this doesnt hold true.

Home , they say, is the place where you have both the sweet and bitter memories, it's the place that you have grown up in, the place where all your beloved people are , or it is the place where you feel attached to its ground that you cant leave it.

But what if there is another place that you dont know that it exists ( bc you  never visted it) and it 's your true home. The place where you can find your true self..

I know it's a long way home. I have yet to discover this home that can keep me with it forever.
No more gipsy heart .
Maybe one day.I will find it or maybe it will find me too.

P.S: With Vanessa 's song (Bearthtaking song!) I know FOR SURE i am coming home....

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