March 1, 2010


I will be somehow cliché in this post. Why? Because everyone knows this fact : "time passes really quick".. Well, i was wondering how 7 years passed since i last visited London!! ( Yes that is me in the right of the photo feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar square ). It was in summer 2003..Wow i was still in school ,even before high school! And now 7 years passed , am a graduate student ! Time flies..true.. I love it when times flie..People might disagree with me because they want to experience everything before they die.. Well , for me every day is a new day and i really experience new things everyday, whether time is slow or fast! I sometimes pass by the same street in my university ( which i have walked in it for 3 years ) and i notice something new ! Indeed, I hear a new tune everyday, meet a new person,read something genuine, say something I never said before,taste a new food or atleast buy something i never dared to buy!!! So , it doesnt matter what this clichéd quote says that time is flying by.. In fact, what matters is that you "fly along with it"....

Even if your life is routine.. And you cant change your space, and your place.... Be like that pigeon that comes on the same spot every single day, yet is still enthusiastic , or might be afraid, about the place, about the people that come , about the grain it eats.!!

I think what the pigeons spoke to each other when they were around me :" See that girl she is different than the others .. I told you buddy, you will see different things on the same spot"



  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. Grazie Marlow!!! :)
    For your comment and support!

    Greetings from Lebanon to Italy! :)