March 27, 2010

Saudade 2

This post is to complement the first Saudade Post i wrote two weeks ago. I have received some comments from my friends that told me that" Isnt it like the Kite Runner movie?" Well, i was surprised of myself since i have never watched it or even read the book. So i decided to watch it today. It is a really great movie! And yes i have to admit my Saudade post really has some parts about the kite running in the beginning of the movie. But isnt the childhood memories included "Kite Flying" adventures? ( p.S: The Kite Runner is one of the amazing movies i have watched!!!)

But that's not the main subject in my post here .I wanted to express my saudade on another thing that has been agonizing me since a week ago. Last Tuesday, i watched a latin dance show, i saw the enthusiasm of the dancers, i could feel their adrenaline rush when they are up on the stage, their pride when they are doing this "risky" move. I yearned to feel these things again. I yearned to go back to Dabkeh dancing ! YES....I yearned to step on the stage again with my colorful traditional dabkeh cloth and dance to a crowd, smile to them, step my feets with passion , do a mistake, or even fall!! Its been 3 years since i stopped dancing ! There were many reasons. But now i am saudading, to get back, back to the long hectic training sessions, back to the arguments with the coach, back to the dancing sweat ,back to the shows , simply back to dancing....

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