March 6, 2010


Saudade is a word i learned from a dear Brazilian friend. Almost a year ago , we were chatting online and she put " Saudade" as a personal status message. I asked her what does it mean. She replied, it means that you long for something or someone that you are fond of but lost and you cant get it back. She added that it is different than "nostalgia" in a way that nostalgia makes you yearn for a memory , the good old days, or merely home . But Saudade is much deeper .
It is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, and when we remember them , they makes us live again! But we know we cant have them anymore.

I wrote this whole post because i was " saudad-ing" for something this afternoon. It is Flying Kites !! I was not nostalgic about my childhood memories ..It was more , It was deeper.I was yearning to go out and Fly a kite. Yes I longed to be that little girl again! But i guess this is impossible now.

 How free we were when we were kids? Chasing Kites in the sky, running after each other screaming loud and not looking infront of us ! Our feet full of the hot sand! I longed for those feelings; the smell of the arid desert, the dryness of the hot air, the smoothness , of the sand, the pain of my arms pulling the kite, the shouts of my mother, the laughter of my brothers teasing me, the trials of my footsteps! They cant be back again. Saudade!


  1. Well written. very saudading for me too!

  2. thank you for ur comment!!! :):)