July 23, 2010

60 Pearls

It's my 60th Post . And since i turned 22 yesterday, i wanted to post all the pearls that make my life wonderful :) .
However, i will keep them to 6o only.

These are the 60 pearls that make the necklace of  a happy life :

  1.   Blessing of your family.
  2.  Falling in love.
  3.  Laughing till your stomach hurts.
  4.  Riding a car and randomly going to anyplace !
  5.  Listening to your favorite song on the radio. And shout at everyone who are talking inorder to hear it
  6.  Going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside., and the thunder bursting
  7.  Staying under warm water for an hour or more  !
  8. Going to bed early and waking up early
  9. Finding some money ( coins) in your purse.
  10. Hearing a compliment .
  11. Just ignoring what others think bad about you.
  12.  Laughing at yourself. Or worse : Laughing without a reason
  13. Studying hard for a test and getting the grade you deserve.
  14.  Going out to dinner with all your friends.
  15. Cooking for people you love.
  16. Praying with all your heart and body ….and crying when you pray.
  17. Watching the sunset.  And the sunrise :)
  18. Remembering your childhood memories
  19.  Listening to a song that reminds you of an important person in your life.
  20. Playing cards, Monopoloy,  or even Risk….. Like old days
  21. Having an  umbrella with you  when it rains accidentally and perhaps sharing it with someone.
  22. Sun rays hitting your eyes and you feel you are really beautiful :)
  23. Being the devil's advocate and defending other's rights.
  24. Seeing the one you love happy.
  25. Treating your enemy well.
  26. Following the moon when you are in the car.
  27. Kissing your mother's forehead .
  28. Listening to the stories of your grandmother.
  29. Looking under a waterfall, walking in a forest, climbing a mountain and splashing your feet in a river.
  30.  Visiting an old friend of yours and remembering great memories.
  31. Wearing your new beautiful cloth on the same day you got them.
  32. Taking photos of random things you see .
  33. Planning a birthday surprise for your friend.
  34. Putting a birthday cake in the face of your friend or ice cream on the nose.
  35. Having a quiet afternoon, maybe sipping tea and reading a book!
  36. Getting a pet to your house !  A cat , dog, turtle , fish, or a bird! J
  37. Swimming at night on a hot summer day.
  38. Writing a blog : P
  39. Shouting at people who annoy you. Yes just do it.
  40.  Hearing someone telling you "I LOVE YOU"
  41. Charity or doing any voluntary work for your community : ) 
  42. Enjoying holiday vacations with your family !
  43. Winning a contest or getting an award  because you worked hard on it.
  44. Watching Disney movies!!
  45. Simply Riding a Boat !
  46. Coincidences!  And how they change your whole life!
  47. Planting baby trees and see them growing.
  48. Smiling to random people , and some who you don’t know.
  49. Waiting for a special phone call, text message or email!
  50. Playing with  kids ;  their games , their rules.
  51. Admitting you were wrong and admitting that you lost.
  52. Doing something you never did before like joining a Ta ke wo do class or a yoga or salsa or go skydiving.
  53. Having a  five hour conversation with a  friend,  or a special person, or just your brother/sister.
  54. Going to a concert for your favorite celebrity and singing their songs  out of your lungs!
  55. Getting a surprise gift or sending one :)
  56. Dancing and singing on the street!
  57. Counting the stars.
  58. Writing your own diaries for your future since you are afraid you might forget about your sweet / sad moments of your life.
  59. Imagining your dreams coming true : having a family  and kids and being successful in your field :)
  60. LAST but not least ,  BREATHING EVERY MOMENT!

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