July 29, 2010


Yesterday night was a night full of agony. I was fighting myself while sleeping, with things i wanted to do, with things I didn't do  and with things i did so far.
I woke up with a plan , I opened a notepad at 4 am in the morning, jotted it down.
The case is that  is not that I will forget these things, but i want them to be constantly haunting me so that I dont procrastinate or even worse hesitate.
And in case i failed , it will be my post of remorse ( I hope not)

of corse the list goes on, but these are my top 5.
PS : i forgot a 6th mission, which  an idea recently that i want to  attend a culinary class/ workshop  and turn part of this blog into a " culinary " appreciation or perhaps criticism ;)                       
                                               ah lets wait and see!



  1. WOOOT TURKEY!!!!!!! :D

    Also good luck with your masters and PhD :)