July 11, 2010

Paulo ! It is Contagious!

Well, this whole post started because of Paulo!!.
Ah i was listening to a singer called Paulo Nutini. Perhaps none of my friends heard of him. A young singer but with a 50 year old voice!! Even more when he sings country music, his voice would sound like a yorkshire! But i was surprised while i was reading his biblioraphy that most of his songs were featured in the most watched series :  Last Request (Scrubs & One Tree Hill ), Million Faces ( Grey's Anatomy )...etc
Check his other songs as well . They are awesome. Gotta love his voice ;)
" Tallllll--INT"
Talent. Talent. Talent.
 Yes, everyone got a talent, an allure that makes him/her different from others.
Maybe am not in a position to judge who is talented and who is not . But i know  for sure that talent is everywhere around us . An average eye ignores a talent.So, we just have to search, look and enjoy it . It is a bless to have it and even more to enjoy people having it.

Perhaps, we dont know what is our true talent, this one special gift  makes us unique.  One talent , two or even more  are just waiting for you to be discovered.

You might be a drawer, a musician, a singer, a swimmer,  a businessman , a dancer.....you might be a comedian, an event organizer,  a politician, an adrenalin addict,  a computer geek,or  a fanatic soccer fan, a  community volunteer, a story teller, a workaholic, a  music collector, a crazy driver,

A marathon Cheerer ,traveling across countries 

                                                                A Wanna be clown!!

Crazy Scientist!!

A Cool Farmer 

a cameraless photographer , a creative blogger, even a "post- it note " maniac, ..oh and i almost forgot a magical cook! ;)

So like What Paulo said :Try " New Shoes" every day, 
Try them all .....And  whatever you find is " your special" thing, enjoy it , and spread it around you.Show your apptitude .

Inspire others because talent is contagious ! :)

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