November 29, 2013

Five years of Blogging on Pearl's Powder!

On this day exactly November 29, 2008, I started my official blogging!
My story of blogging started because I simply wanted to share my thoughts, and sprinkle these powder of thoughts to the world around me. (Read more About my story of blogging)

While social media back in 2008 was still taking its baby steps especially in our region (MENA), I was trying all efforts to reach as much as I can in terms of readership and promotion..

Yes, I do admit that perhaps my number of frequent readers was and still a little number. But these readers, friends, and online supports, are the ones who supported me all through my 5 years blogging experience, they are the ones who "commented, shared, retweeted, liked" my posts. And for this number, I owe all my humble reach and perhaps success.

However, I can't deny that my blog passed through ups and downs that were related to my personal life: I was so proud this year it got nominated and made it to the finals of the Social Media Awards in Lebanon. I also got to be interviewed in Commerce De Levant, in its special Food Edition issue among influential food bloggers. I realize that this was the payback of 4 years of blogging in Lebanon! (Other features In the Press)

On the other hand, there were some grave downs. & This is the first time I am sharing this.
After my immigration from Lebanon to KSA in 2012, my blog posts decreased. I had a bare number of friends or lacked a social life here. I was also having a lot of struggle in my work; I hated my work as it was not related to food. But had to work, so to avoid unemployment and gain experience in whatever field.

I passed through a phase of "Blog depression". I felt that I just didn't want to write or share anything on Pearl's Powder. ( Do you know any psychologist who can treat such cases?).
First, because leaving Lebanon and my friends had a such heart breaking effect on me.
Second, most of my readers were in Lebanon, and me having changed "location" , I got lost on what to write and how to target my readers and friends that are now spread across both worlds.

Yet, after a year I realized that it doesn't matter. I wanted to solve my issue, at least control some available factors. I def. couldn't go back to Lebanon, But I was able to quit my job.
I resigned from the work that I hated ( WHAT AN AMAZING RELIEF! Everyone should try atleast once to say NO to a work that they cant bare working in!) I didn't want to work just to get a paycheck at the end of the month. I wanted to work because I want to love the work I am doing, and be in peace of my work productivity, and be able to satisfy my ambitions and dreams...

So after that, around September 2013, I decided to get back on my blog and reactivate it! Yes, my blogging won't stop, regardless of any factor. I want to be a Blogger Survival!
Blogging is not just about sharing what readers want or where the readers are. Blogging is sharing the bloggers' thoughts: my thoughts, my experiences, ideas and reviews! Otherwise, my reader would not have been following my blog on the first place. They wanted to read my point of view about the Food Subject! Yet, Pearl's Powder remains for the readers, it is YOUR POWDER!

Here are my new introductions and changes:

  1. My recently innovated logo.
  2. Upcoming launch of the website. (Fingers crossed as I am doing everything by myself!)
  3. More blogging about just-everything related to food!
  4. More contributing blogs from experts, readers, and just anyone who would like to !
    (Check Previous Contributions)


Do you have a delicious recipe, a successful kitchen tip? Perhaps an unforgettable food experience in a restaurant? Or maybe a unique plate that you have tasted in your travels?

Do you have some insights on a food products? Or do you follow certain health and nutrition aspects in your lifestyle?

Pearls' Powder previously featured Food Technologists, Food Scientists, Nutritionists, Licensed Dieticians, Food related NGOs, and social media marketers! Check out their Marvelous Contributions!

I would love to feature many others on my blog, so share your thoughts, ideas and stories on my blog. Do send them to :pearlspowder [at] gmail [dot] com

Pearl's Powder can be your powder of thoughts too!

Truly, I have never been proud of owning something so virtual, yet so real and affecting my life, other than my blog. It is my precious Pearl that I would like to preserve all my life, yet expose it to the whole world!

Thank you again for the amazing 5 years! Looking forward for years to come!

P.S: Gifts are welcome.. in form of advice, contribution and sharing ! :)


  1. Happy Blogaversary!!! I can't believe you've been at it for that long! You're a pioneer in Lebanon :)) I can totally relate to the blogging ups and downs. After all, the blog reflects the opinions and emotions of its writer, otherwise it would just be another news site, right??
    Good for you for quitting your job, we are lucky to be able to do just that and follow our passions (I was in computer science before I quit and joined nutrition school)... yeah we do seem to have an awful lot in common :P
    I wish you all the best Loulwa, with your career and your blog, and hope we can get to meet sometime...
    ( i would also love to guest post, will get back to you when I have more time and have thought of a suitable topic)

    1. Christel! Thank you for the amazing comment. I appreciate it coming from an experience nutrition & health blogger!
      Wow I didnt know that! I am glad you did nutrition! otherwise would not have "virtually" met you!

      I am an avid fan of your blog and I think it is one of the top blogs in Lebanon bc of the quality of your posts!

      I actually wanted to ask you later this week about a guest post on my blog! It can be about any subject you like ( surely related to food!) YAY! cant wait! You better hurrrryy ! :P
      It would be my pleasure & pride to have you as a contributor! :D